Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Toyota FT-86 Set to Launch Nov. 2011

The FT-86 is set to launch next year Nov. 2011, contrary to popular belief that Toyota put it on hold or were scrapping it all together. I for one am really excited about this car. A Toyota.....

During a press conference related to the new G performance division, Toyota revealed that the FT-86 model’s development is going according to plan, as 7Tune reports.

This means that the long-awaited car will be released ahead of the media reports-suggested date (2013), being set to hit the market in November next year.

In addition to that, Toyota has confirmed the all-important element that can make the difference between a history books vehicle and just another go-fast coupe: the pricing. The new car will come with a wide range of prices, depending on its spec. The middle-of-the-pack FT-86 will set you back about $29,000. This means that an entry-level version will be available for around $20,000, making the car affordable for a vast public that hasn’t got a strong financial background to support the desire for a sportscar.

Toyota is also offering enthusiasts a huge relief, as the company said that the coupe will not include any hybrid technology, staying true to the sports car spirit. Tree-huggers will be pleased too, as Toyota is currently also working on a hybrid performance vehicle.

As for the car’s design, this will remain virtually unchanged (is it just us, or is it raining good news?). To be more precise, the Japanese automotive producer made it clear that the coupe could use new parts (this refers to items like modified body panels) but it will keep its overall shape.

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